Another week has passed in the 3D printing universe.  As usual, there was plenty to talk about.

Someone Thinks I'm Awesome

In an interview with Austrian tech site, Bre Pettis was asked whether or not he would sell MakerBot to Hewlett Packard, should they come calling.  His answer was interesting.

"I think I would agree.  Not because of money, but because these companies can bring 3D printing to the masses even faster.  Our mission is to make people become producers and kick off the next industrial revolution.  A large company could accelerate."

I guess Bre was paying attention to the last two paragraphs of my blog post from the previous week.  Call me, Bre.  We'll do lunch.  Cody Wilson isn't invited.

Bre's full futurezone interview can be seen here (German).

Stores, Stores and More Stores

We learned about two new 3D printer retail outlets.  The 3D Printer Experience in Chicago plans to offer education, software, 3D scanning, 3D printer usage and at least a couple brands of 3D printers for sale.  Across the pond, the iMakr store made waves by announcing it will be the largest 3D printer shop on the planet, at over 2500 square feet.  Our top secret London correspondent reconnoitered the iMakr store and snapped these amazing photographs, prior to its grand opening at the end of the month.

The new iMakr store in London

What did you expect?  We are a web site, not MI6.

We also learned of Brick and Maker's upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a retail, open source, makerspace franchise.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron.  Just read the article.

Crowd Funding

The Canadian team of Adam Brandejs and Drew Cox found themselves accidentally dominating the world via their Photon 3D scanner.  Surprised as they were, it seems they're going to roll with it, see where massive success takes them.  One of these days, I'm going to ask Adam how to pronounce his last name.  Seriously.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Invent-A-Part's RigidBot continues wearing the 2013 crowd-funded 3D printer crown.  It looks like the second time was a charm for them.  It will be interesting to see how they split this new business with the already-existing service bureau operation.  I'm guessing that's a problem they don't mind solving.

Sasan Seyedi's Cyrus is still probably not getting the attention it deserves.  Maybe it's the fact that the campaign started a week after the RigidBot blew up.  Perhaps it's because we simply aren't ready for LED swag inside a printer enclosure.  Amanda Trent would disagree with such sentiments.  Then again, thanks to the ever fashionable Amanda, our Afinia has color coordinated platform clamps.

Someday, Amanda will write a 3D-printed shoe review, the world will tilt on its axis and we'll all fly off into space.

The Big Boys

Mcor and 3D Systems continued doing what they do.  "I'll see your reseller and raise you a parlayed software acquisition."  Meanwhile, Stratasys announced it is hosting an Analyst and Investor Day in the Big Apple.  It will include a series of presentations covering applications, strategy, financial performance and industry trends (call me, I'm sure Bre will let you have lunch with us).  It will be held at the NASDAQ MarketSite on Thursday, May 23, 2013.