This spool rack is what all of the excitement is about. Readers following Invent-A-Part's successful RigidBot Kickstarter campaign will be delighted to learn that the Springville, Utah company is rapidly approaching its $500,000 stretch goal. Why is this important, you may ask? For each stretch goal attained, $299 backers and up who have purchased a RigidBot kit or assembled unit through the campaign earn an extra goodie, in addition to their current package.

So far, supporters have earned one free kilogram of PLA filament for hitting the $200,000 mark.  Things get more interesting, and practical, at $500,000 as purchasers will also receive a spooler rack (as pictured, right) to hold their printing material. This is an important quality of life upgrade for anyone who has ever had to hand feed tangled filament to a printer.  

Anne wants her spool rack. That's all I'm saying. The heated bed for reaching $1,000,000 would be nice, too, but I'm trying not to be overly greedy here, while still attempting to sway you with my Jedi mind tricks.

In addition to the updates posted by the company on their Kickstarter page, you can follow updates on a fan-run Google+ community here

Rigidbot Stretch goal chart

Update: The $500,000 stretch goal was met April 19, 2013.