The following DEFCAD video, posted to youtube, is a crystal clear example of why it isn't necessarily a good thing for the DIY/Maker segment of the 3D printing community to refer to itself as "hackers," working in "hack labs" and "hacker spaces."



There are legitimate reasons the hacker subculture came into existence in the late 20th century.  Crowd-funding start-ups isn't one of them.

I don't personally have anything against Cody Wilson.  Everyone has a right to make a living and Cody is no different.  However, I am concerned that younger, more impressionable individuals will buy into the regurgitated anarchy-is-good mantra that led to social engineers like Julian Assange and Kevin Mitnick being touted as heroes by a mindless following too riled up to notice they were getting rich off book deals, speaking engagements and consulting contracts.  Everything is free, as long as it isn't their own copyrighted literature and various other revenue sources designed to be maximized by a carefully orchestrated PR machine.

So, when I see Cody doing his best over-dramatic David Blaine impersonation, while simultaneously demonizing Bre Pettis of MakerBot and citing easily manipulated Alexa rankings, you'll have to excuse me for giggling.  If you don't think the goal here is money, you're smoking something.  This isn't Anonymous, retaliating over a fallen friend.  This is an opportunist in action, no different from the politicians, entrepreneurs and intellectual property holders he castigates.