Robot Factory Launches 3DLPrinter

With a stated goal of meeting the demands for precision and miniaturization, Italy-based Robot Factory has announced the 3DLPrinter, a professional class, stereolithography 3D Printer using DLP projection. The printer is capable of single micron (less than the size of some bacteria) vertical resolution in a build envelope of 102 x 78 x 160 mm.

EZ3D Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Colorado-based EZ3D has launched a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter, with a goal of raising $25,000 for continued development. An FFF design made mostly of 3D printed parts, the EZ3D personal printer is the brainchild of Jake and Jerry Wood. Its conception is the result of the father and son team's time spent with three other printers...

The Literati Are Unimpressed

The following DEFCAD video, posted to youtube, is a crystal clear example of why it isn't necessarily a good thing for the DIY/Maker segment of the 3D printing community to refer to itself as "hackers," working in "hack labs" and "hacker spaces."

Pryntech Offers Open Source Stereolithography

Crowd funding for Pryntech's open source stereolithogaphy 3D printer is under way on Justin Hawkins, the project engineer, has dubbed the system sLAMPS. It uses an additive manufacturing technology called stereolithography, known for superior precision and quality, similar to that incorporated in high end professional 3D printers and the Kickstarter wonder, Form 1, by Formlabs.

UP! Continues Assault on Ease-Of-Use Barrier

If you know anything about personal 3D printing, you know one of the primary barriers to entry is hardware ease-of-use. 3D printer manufacturers address (or don't address) the issue with proprietary hardware or software, or both. Open source is great for a lot of things, but let's be honest. There are reasons HP and Epson 2D printers don't come with instructions for downloading generic open source software and drivers from GitHub or SourceForge.

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