Bob has been a technology journalist, publisher, editor, PR and marketing executive for most of his professional life. He has been the publisher and editorial director of several magazines serving the telecommunications industry. He also served as vice president of marketing for phone company Network One, and spent several years with Todman-Simon Productions and Lorimar Television developing motion pictures and TV shows.


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3D Monstr Prototype Unveiled at Bay Area Maker Faire

I stumbled into Ben Reytblat, CEO of 3D Monstr, at the Bay Area Maker Faire today. He was standing next to a beast of a 3D printer.

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JPL Breakthrough Promises Chameleon-like SuperMetals

The building of a spacecraft requires a rigor and level of invention beyond anything needed for earthbound machines. Engineers tasked with building machines for space travel often require...

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Terrainator 3D Prints Your Favorite Mountain

Vacationers interested in creating a keepsake after a trip to Mount Rainier, Mont Blanc and other geographic landmarks now can do so thanks to Terrainator, a new online service that creates and prints accurate scale 3D models.

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Deezmaker Debuts Bukito Portable 3D Printer

Deezmaker unveiled its Bukito lightweight portable 3D printer at the Bay Area Maker Faire and it was a huge hit with attendees.

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The Cellphone Camera and Anthrax - Homeland Security and PNNL Save the Day

Anthrax is a horrific disease which can, as witnessed by a series of attacks over the years, be weaponized to spread fear and death. The disease itself, caused...

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