Bob has been a technology journalist, publisher, editor, PR and marketing executive for most of his professional life. He has been the publisher and editorial director of several magazines serving the telecommunications industry. He also served as vice president of marketing for phone company Network One, and spent several years with Todman-Simon Productions and Lorimar Television developing motion pictures and TV shows.



China Using 3D Printing to Build Next-Gen Jets

With funding from the government, especially from the military, Chinese aviation laser technologists are making gains in producing titanium parts for the country's fifth generation of fighter jets, the J-20 and J-31, by lowering the cost and raising the jets' thrust-weight ratio.

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Shapeways Raises $30 Million, Adds Dixon to Board

Shapeways has announced a new $30 million round of financing led by Andreessen Horowitz. Existing investors including Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures and Lux Capital also participated in the round. Founded in 2007...

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Report Predicts Possible Ban on Bioprinting by 2016

While miraculous promises of bioprinting are being lauded in headlines around the world, one recent report predicts stiff ethical and...

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NPR 3D Prints Correspondent

National Public Radio (NPR) has scanned and 3D printed a correspondent and broadcast a story about it that also includes coverage of potential copyright issues.

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Hot Pop Factory Intros 3D Printed Wood and Nylon Jewelry Collections

Hot Pop Factory has released two new 3D printed jewelry collections, one of which features the premier use of 3D printed wood in jewelry, according to company co-founder and designer By-Ying Miao.

The new material is highlighted in the design of the company's Boreal Necklace, a 3D printed pendant composed of recycled wood polymer. Each piece is defined by a soft curvature and heat-induced striations which, like fingerprints, are unique to every item.

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