Design Editor
Joe spent 10 years working as a graphic designer before pursuing a masters degree in animation at the University of Southern California. At USC Joe became the university’s Adobe Scholar and also was awarded an Annenberg Fellowship that required him to collaborate with the school  of engineering. Through this collaboration Joe began to conceptualize workflows that combined animation and 3D printing. After attaining his Masters, Joe provided his media  expertise to various manufacturing organizations for training, marketing, and advocacy purposes. He has deep experience creating models for 3D printing, animation and video games simultaneously, and teaches modeling and animation at Pasadena City College.


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Recent EOS Airbus Study Shows Additive Processes Cut Costs

Hard hit during the economic downturn that began in 2008, the American manufacturing industry is just starting to recover – albeit at a snail's pace. Within the midst of this slow recovery...

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3DPrintLife Nurtures 3D Printing in the Classroom

Each week the blogosphere appears to be buzzing about new materials, software tools and technologies for 3D printing. This information explosion can be overwhelming for businesses...

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Additive Enlightenment with the Cosmic Geometry Toolkit

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Mold3D Showcases DIY Supports with ZBrush

Anyone who has gone through the hassle of removing messy support structures will appreciate Mold3D's recent tutorial. The video shows a very inventive approach to creating supports by...

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Soon You May Check Out Some 3D-Printable Nucleotides at Your Local Library

Since libraries could be considered to be the "archives of knowledge" gluing society together, it is rather appropriate that they become repositories of 3D printable ideas as well. Giving...

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