Design Editor
Joe spent 10 years working as a graphic designer before pursuing a masters degree in animation at the University of Southern California. At USC Joe became the university’s Adobe Scholar and also was awarded an Annenberg Fellowship that required him to collaborate with the school  of engineering. Through this collaboration Joe began to conceptualize workflows that combined animation and 3D printing. After attaining his Masters, Joe provided his media  expertise to various manufacturing organizations for training, marketing, and advocacy purposes. He has deep experience creating models for 3D printing, animation and video games simultaneously, and teaches modeling and animation at Pasadena City College.



Joshua Harker Kickstarts R&D on New 3D Printing Technology

Whether it is paint, clay or pixels, artists strive to use the best tools and materials possible to ensure success. This race to perfection can be seen in every artistic era throughout history...

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Pasadena City College Design Tech Students Produce Tactile 3D Printed Maps

No longer purely for research and prototyping, 3D printing is being used to manufacture enabling devices ranging from prosthetics to hearing aids that are improving the quality of life for... [read more]

Tomas Wittelsbach Offers Free Jewelry Design Webinar

If you happened to attend the 3D Printer World Expo last month you may have witnessed the work of jewelry designer Tomas Wittelsbach. Visually captivating, The flowing line work found...

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DIY Google Glass with 3D Printing

If you are dying to own Google Glass but didn't have the opportunity (or funds) to purchase the $1500 Explorer Edition you're not out of luck. With about $200, a bit of ingenuity...

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