Design Editor
Joe spent 10 years working as a graphic designer before pursuing a masters degree in animation at the University of Southern California. At USC Joe became the university’s Adobe Scholar and also was awarded an Annenberg Fellowship that required him to collaborate with the school  of engineering. Through this collaboration Joe began to conceptualize workflows that combined animation and 3D printing. After attaining his Masters, Joe provided his media  expertise to various manufacturing organizations for training, marketing, and advocacy purposes. He has deep experience creating models for 3D printing, animation and video games simultaneously, and teaches modeling and animation at Pasadena City College.


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Kit Bashing the Future: How To Accelerate Design for 3D Printing

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Creating 3D Printable Models From Hand Drawn Sketches

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Sean Hottois' Sculptures use 3D Printing and Arduino to Explore the Psychology of Space

As more people gain access to 3D printing, some will print objects for the benefit of humanity while others will find it difficult to resist the urge to stir up controversy...

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