Design Editor
Joe spent 10 years working as a graphic designer before pursuing a masters degree in animation at the University of Southern California. At USC Joe became the university’s Adobe Scholar and also was awarded an Annenberg Fellowship that required him to collaborate with the school  of engineering. Through this collaboration Joe began to conceptualize workflows that combined animation and 3D printing. After attaining his Masters, Joe provided his media  expertise to various manufacturing organizations for training, marketing, and advocacy purposes. He has deep experience creating models for 3D printing, animation and video games simultaneously, and teaches modeling and animation at Pasadena City College.



Pensar's Data-Driven DNA-Shoes Are Now A 3D Printed Reality

With a vision to use data to drive customized, on-demand manufacturing, Alex Diener of Pensar Development was inspired to come up with a better athletic shoe, something... [read more]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Slic3r But Were Afraid to Ask

For emerging users, learning 3D printing workflows can be challenging. A wealth of material exists online but it's scattered through countless websites...

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Rod Maxwell Makes an Impression with 3D Printed Zombie Bullet Wound Pendant

First off, let it be known that Rod Maxwell spends plenty of time creating prosthetics, monster makeup and movie effects without a 3D printer. He was a contestant on the third season...

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Joseph Drust Provides a Solid Learning Experience With New Hard-Edge Modeling Tutorials

If you are interested in learning ZBrush, Joseph Drust is a name you should know. Online, Drust's Zbrush tutorials are some of the best to be found. He has created learning...

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Spyder 3D World Poised for Growth

When my six year old son saw a 3D printer running for the very first time, he called the filament "silk" since the layer-by-layer process reminded him of a spider building its web. [read more]