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All of John Graber's training and practical experience centers on research and writing. He earned a bachelor's degree in creative writing and journalism from the University of Arizona, and a master's in communications from the University of Oregon. He spent a decade as a full-time staff writer at daily newspapers, worked in various communications positions for several non-profit organizations, and taught at community colleges in the Phoenix area.


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Polish 3D Printer Company Signs Deal with Dell

Fledgling Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has scored a major coup with an order to deliver 5,000 M200 printers to computer...

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Digital Archeologists 3D Print 25-Year-Old Files

As a child Dr. Sina Samangooei thought everyone had sculptures and dot matrix print outs of the heads of family friends lying around their homes...

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Swarms of 3D Printed Drones May Be The Future of Combat

Swarms of 3D printed drones may be the future of combat, according to a recent report by the Washington, D.C.-based defense...

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Sigma Labs and Metronic Team to Speed up the 3D Printing Process

Sigma Labs and Metronic are joining forces in a partnership to speed up the additive manufacturing process. The two have signed a joint technology development agreement to collaborate...

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LulzBot Introduces Extruder for NinjaFlex

LulzBot is offering a new extruder called the Flexystruder, specifically designed to work with flexible TPE filament such as Fenner Drives' NinjaFlex. Though not technically rubber, TPE...

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