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All of John Graber's training and practical experience centers on research and writing. He earned a bachelor's degree in creative writing and journalism from the University of Arizona, and a master's in communications from the University of Oregon. He spent a decade as a full-time staff writer at daily newspapers, worked in various communications positions for several non-profit organizations, and taught at community colleges in the Phoenix area.



Robox Meets Kickstarter Goal in a Week

Well, that didn't take long. British company CEL reached its Kickstarter goal of $160,750 for the Robox 3D printer and micro-manufacturing platform...

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3D Systems Buys Digital PlaySpace

3D Systems is on the move again. The 3D printer manufacturer and supplier has acquired Digital PlaySpace (DPS), a game design and development studio targeting kids, girls and women...

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ARC Group Creates 3D Printing Division

Say hello to the newest member of the 3D printing world. The ARC Group Worldwide intends to draw on its experience in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, short run production, and tooling in its new...

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3D Systems Donates 3D Technology to FSU

Hoping to spur creative and entrepreneurial innovation, Florida State University is adding 3D printing technology to its new innovation lab being developed by the College of Communication...

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Researchers Create Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Iranian researchers from Sharif University of Technology, in association with their colleagues from Max Planck Institute in Germany, have produced...

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