With hands-on experience in embedded systems, renewable energy technologies, and interplanetary spacecraft, Lee spent 20 years the electronics industry before leaving in 1994 to work as communications editor for print and on-line publications including Electronic Design magazine, ChipCenter and EN-Genius.net. He is currently a freelance writer and a contributor to several publications, including Digi-Key TechZone and 3D Printer World. Lee’s current focus is the Desktop Manufacturing revolution and the tools that power it, such as 3D printers, open-source hardware, and other Maker/Hacker technologies. He also continues his coverage of sustainable technologies and various environmental and social issues within the engineering community which he began in 1996.

He holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Thomas Edison College, and participated in a colloquium on technology, society, and the environment at Goddard College’s Institute for Social Ecology.

Lee, his wife Catherine, and his daughter Anwyn currently reside in the outskirts of Princeton NJ, where they masquerade as a typical suburban family.