Mike Titsch

As editor for 3D Printer World, Mike tracks industry news and developments across a broad range of topics. He is an IT professional and analyst, software developer, 3D modeler and 3D printing enthusiast.  Prior to launching 3D Printer World, Mike was an IT and marketing consultant and before that, the Technical Director of Virgo Publishing, LLC, a magazine publisher and events company.




Bucktown Polymers Announces Rinse Out Resin

Bucktown Polymers, a polymer development firm based in Chicago, Ill., is offering a new UV curable resin for 3D printers called ROR (Rinse Out Resin). It remains water soluble after curing. ROR's intended application...

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Easily Assembled Snap3D Printer Launches on Kickstarter

After two years of development, the Snap3D printer has finally begun crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Buzz about this unit has been around for a while...

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Is the BotObjects ProDesk3D Too Good to be True?

There is a lot of buzz in 3D printing circles about the advent of a personal class 3D printer that will utterly turn the industry on its head – the ProDesk3D by BotObjects. Its messianic feature list is so amazing, some are having difficulty believing...

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Formlabs Introduces Form 1+

Formlabs has announced the Form 1+, described as an extensive overhaul of their flagship desktop SLA printer. "The Form 1+ incorporates everything that we've learned in the past year...

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UP Plus 2 will have Automatic Platform Calibration

Delta Micro Factory Corp. (PP3DP) has announced the pending release of the UP Plus 2. The new version of the UP Plus is said to have an automatic platform calibration system, which includes both platform leveling...

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