As the lead editor for 3D Printer World, Mike tracks industry news and developments across a broad range of topics. He is an IT professional and analyst, software developer, 3D modeler and 3D printing enthusiast.  Prior to launching 3D Printer World, Mike was an IT consultant and before that, the Technical Director of Virgo Publishing, LLC, a magazine publisher and events company.



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Marcha Technology Announces WITBOX

Spain's Marcha Technology has announced the early-order availability of their new FFF 3D printer, the WITBOX. There is no North American reseller yet...

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What Does It Take to Get a Little Crowd Funding Love Here

We have all seen it. A 3D printer or related device begins a crowd funding campaign. It looks good, but nobody seems to notice. The project page isn't littered with mistakes. There is supporting video (that doesn't look fraudulent). Functionality details...

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Autodesk Promotes Fusion 360 To 3D Printing Users

Autodesk's Fusion 360 is a cloud-based design, testing and fabrication software package offering T-Spline, Solid, Parametric and mesh modeling. It is capable of importing OBJ or STL and can translate more than...

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Ez3D Hits Pricing Sweet Spot with the Phoenix

Jerry and Jake Wood, the father and son team behind Ez3D, seem to have found the right balance between price and performance with the Phoenix. Set for a short three week run on Kickstarter, the printer is 176% funded after three days.

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Crowd Funding Beasts, Channel Partner Madness, Bre Pettis on HP and Stores, Stores, Stores

In an interview with Austrian tech site futurezone.at, Bre Pettis was asked whether or not he would sell MakerBot to Hewlett Packard, should they come calling...

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