As the lead editor for 3D Printer World, Mike tracks industry news and developments across a broad range of topics. He is an IT professional and analyst, software developer, 3D modeler and 3D printing enthusiast.  Prior to launching 3D Printer World, Mike was an IT consultant and before that, the Technical Director of Virgo Publishing, LLC, a magazine publisher and events company.



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Brook Drumm Explains Printrbot's Metal Decision

Printrbot has come to be synonymous with affordable, open source, laser-cut, wood chassis 3D printers. So when the company announced their intention...

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3D Systems Announces New Printers, Software, Materials and Figulo Acquisition

Timed in conjunction with EuroMold 2013, 3D Systems has revealed new printers, materials and software offerings in a push the company calls 3DPRINTING 2.0.

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Is the BotObjects ProDesk3D Too Good to be True?

There is a lot of buzz in 3D printing circles about the advent of a personal class 3D printer that will utterly turn the industry on its head – the ProDesk3D by BotObjects. Its messianic feature list is so amazing, some are having difficulty believing...

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3DP Unlimited's Large Format 3DP1000

Kong, thy name is 3DP1000. 3DP Unlimited is offering an FFF 3D printer of epic proportions. With a build envelope of 1 x 1 x .5 meters (3.3 x 3.3 x 1.64 feet), the print bed is 59 inches...

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HYREL 3D Demonstrates Emulsifiable Extruder for Printing Clay, Plasticine and Silicone RTV

For anyone who has ever thought, "I can make 3D models, but I can't sculpt in the real world well enough to make basic pottery," HYREL 3D has something for you. The Georgia-based company has announced...

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