Mike Titsch

As editor for 3D Printer World, Mike tracks industry news and developments across a broad range of topics. He is an IT professional and analyst, software developer, 3D modeler and 3D printing enthusiast.  Prior to launching 3D Printer World, Mike was an IT and marketing consultant and before that, the Technical Director of Virgo Publishing, LLC, a magazine publisher and events company.




The 3D Printer Experience Set to Open in Chicago on April 22nd

The 3D Printer Experience in Chicago, IL. has announced that its doors will be open on April 22nd, 2013. The store is designed to introduce people to the world of 3D printing. It offers access to over twenty 3D printers, a 3D scanning system and a custom app for designing pendants.

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Formlabs Announces New Tough Resin

Formlabs has released a new material for its Form 1 and Form 1+ SLA printers called Tough Resin. It is designed for applications in engineering and prototyping where part toughness is desired. [read more]

MakeVR Represents New 3D Modeling Method

In code labs and meeting rooms throughout the software industry, programmers and product managers are trying to produce 3D printing's killer app...

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Printrbot Launches Printrbot Simple

Printrbot has announced the immediate availability of the Printrbot Simple, a small, entry level 3D printer. The first 99 buyers will get the printer for $249, those following will pay $299.

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Can We Get a Wrench on the Crowdfunding Spigot?

The personal 3D printing industry is in the throes of a self-destructive trend that needs to be addressed. Fueled by an overabundance of competition and easily attained headlines such as...

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