Mike Titsch

As editor for 3D Printer World, Mike tracks industry news and developments across a broad range of topics. He is an IT professional and analyst, software developer, 3D modeler and 3D printing enthusiast.  Prior to launching 3D Printer World, Mike was an IT and marketing consultant and before that, the Technical Director of Virgo Publishing, LLC, a magazine publisher and events company.




Taulman 3D Announces T-Glase Pre-Sale

Referred to during beta testing as "810," Taulman's most recent filament for FFF 3D printers is being launched as a pre-sale material. Now known as "T-Glase"...

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3D Refiner Doubles Kickstarter Goal in Two Days

Ross Yeager and David Kalinowski, graduate students at UC Berkeley and founders of 3D Prints Express, have launched the 3D Refiner on Kickstarter. The project's funding goal of $5,000 has been doubled in two days.

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Konica Minolta to Distribute 3D Systems in Australia

3D Systems has entered into a distribution agreement with Konica Minolta Australia to provide its entire 3D printing product portfolio through the latter's network of dealers and authorized resellers... [read more]

3D Printer World Has Lost Its Hyphen

Stop the presses! Update your links! Tell your mom! 3D Printer World has lost the hyphen in its domain name.

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Printing Laywoo-D3 on an Afinia

The number of object shapes we can print with an FFF personal 3D printer is almost infinite, but the number of materials is not. So, when we decided to model a pagoda box and output it to the real world, we saw an opportunity to test Kai Parthy's Laywoo-D3 wood composite filament. After all, if we are going to print something that is typically hand-made from wood...

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