Managing Editor
Todd is an accomplished writer and photographer who is fascinated by all things technological. His work has been published by the Associated Press, The Grand Rapids Press, Advance Newspapers, HBO and the Chicago Tribune. He also has worked as a technical writer and developer for Fortune 500 companies such as BAAN, Steelcase and Corning, Inc. Todd graduated from Michigan State University.


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Plumbing Reimagined – Maya Ben David's Bypass System

Since 1664 when the first complete use of a cast iron system for water distribution was installed at Versailles, France, not much has changed in the hardware used to move...

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Metal Printing on the Desktop – the Mini Metal Maker

It's a sort of a Holy Grail in the 3D printing community; a machine light, small and safe enough for consumers that can create metal objects on the desktop, and one project is now seeking funds for their process to do just that...

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3D Printing Pure Electric Motorcycle Speed – The Energica Superbike

Inside a group of charming but nondescript industrial buildings just down the road from Enzo Ferrarri Park in Modena, Italy, a company which got its start building cutting-edge parts...

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This Man Likes His 3D Printing Really Buggy

Austrian Klaus Leitl works with a really buggy 3D printer, or rather, it's not the printer so much as it is his subjects which are buggy. Leitl models and prints... [read more]

How Studying A School of Fish Will Change Robotics – 3D Printed Submarines

How is it possible that the seemingly disconnected actions of individuals add up to a complex group behavior like the schooling of fish...

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