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Todd is an accomplished writer and photographer who is fascinated by all things technological. His work has been published by the Associated Press, The Grand Rapids Press, Advance Newspapers, HBO and the Chicago Tribune. He also has worked as a technical writer and developer for Fortune 500 companies such as BAAN, Steelcase and Corning, Inc. Todd graduated from Michigan State University.



Mixed Dimensions Acquires Three 3D Printing Marketplaces

Mixed Dimensions Inc (MXD3D), aims to democratize 3D printing with their browser-based 3D design tool geared for the masses. As part of that plan, MXD3D says they've acquired three...

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There are a number of niches where 3D printing is already realizing its vast commercial potential; medical applications, product prototyping, small run manufacturing for aerospace...

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The Physical Mysteries of DNA Revealed With 3D Printing

Scientist at the University of Alabama in the UA 3D Printing Lab have created the first 3D print of a G-quadruplex DNA sequence and their model...

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