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Todd is an accomplished writer and photographer who is fascinated by all things technological. His work has been published by the Associated Press, The Grand Rapids Press, Advance Newspapers, HBO and the Chicago Tribune. He also has worked as a technical writer and developer for Fortune 500 companies such as BAAN, Steelcase and Corning, Inc. Todd graduated from Michigan State University.



3D Printing Brought to Bear on Cerebral Aneurysms

"I was packing for a business trip and suddenly felt like someone hit me with a crowbar." "I felt as if I had to hold my head together because it was going to split open."

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Inside the Detailed World of Alejandro Pereira

Alejandro Pereira, a film and animated series production artist, spends his hours away from the grind working on two of his passions; 3D modeling and traditional sculpture.

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Artist and Animator Joaquin Baldwin's iPhone Rotary Dialer Case

The rotary dial phone has been consigned to the dustbin of history, now a technological dinosaur, but that didn't stop animator, artist and designer Joaquin Baldwin from bringing...

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Lionhead Printer Offers All-in-one Scanning, Modeling and Printing

The team at Radiant Fabrication think "anyone and everyone should be free to create things using a 3D printer." To that end, they've created...

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360 Degrees of the Coolest Video You'll See Today – 3D Printed Go Pro Camera Mount

It only took him two years and half a dozen GoPro cameras to make it happen, but what a happening. German journalist and photographer Jonas Ginter used some...

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