Managing Editor
Todd is an accomplished writer and photographer who is fascinated by all things technological. His work has been published by the Associated Press, The Grand Rapids Press, Advance Newspapers, HBO and the Chicago Tribune. He also has worked as a technical writer and developer for Fortune 500 companies such as BAAN, Steelcase and Corning, Inc. Todd graduated from Michigan State University.


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How ALB Watches and Sculpteo Are Forging A New Horology

Vincent Candellé-Tuheille and Simon-Pierre Delord are the designers of the French watch brand, ALB Watches. The pair say they wanted to fuse traditional craftsmanship...

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The Man Who Killed 3D Printing?

Chris Norman has obtained a fairly comprehensive patent on a standard process used by nearly every one of the growing number of online 3D printing service bureaus...

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Yu Jiang Tham's 3D Printed Bartending Machine

Yu Jiang Tham seems like our kind of guy. A graduate of UCLA with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Tham says he eventually found that programming was...

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Prometheus Hot End on Indiegogo

When you have the confidence to name your new product Prometheus, you're really going big in a truly historical way. In Greek legend, Prometheus is known...

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Mark One: Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Gregory Mark looked at possible applications for the technology he used for his Aeromotions, a company built to manufacture computer-controlled wings...

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