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Todd is an accomplished writer and photographer who is fascinated by all things technological. His work has been published by the Associated Press, The Grand Rapids Press, Advance Newspapers, HBO and the Chicago Tribune. He also has worked as a technical writer and developer for Fortune 500 companies such as BAAN, Steelcase and Corning, Inc. Todd graduated from Michigan State University.


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Saleen Automotive Uses 3D Printing to Prototype Their Brand of Automotive Madness

Saleen Automotive makes some of the most droolworthy, ultra-high-performance vehicles in America, and they do their magic by cutting loose their staff of designers, R & D engineers...

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Blackest Black Is the New Black – 3D Printed Carbon Nano Tube Art

For artist and technologist Frederik De Wilde, it's all about Big Data, Graphene nanotubes and the blackest black in the world. Working with Belgian firm Melotte and NASA, De Wilde has created...

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Graphene Batteries 3D Printed as Products Are Created

Graphene may well form the core of the next generation of technologies, and it's a potential bridge towards ultra-durable materials, superconductors and high-performance storage devices... [read more]

Dutch Architect Plans to 3D Print Möbius Strip House

Dutch Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars is intent on building a house, and a very large house at that, based on the odd properties inherent in a Möbius Strip.

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The Ravages of Time and Motion Blur – The Sculpture of Sophie Kahn

British artist Sophie Kahn makes beautiful mistakes. Whereas most 3D scans are made to exactly replicate a given object, Kahn, born in London but raised in Australia...

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